About Us

BeBe's Backyard Blessings is a boutique inspired by a desire to share an avenue to deliver everyday joy and happiness into homes. As a previous Master Gardener and confirmed tree hugger, my mission is to source carefully curated products that speak to me and support the simplicity of the "backyard" living lifestyle. With a lifetime career in healthcare under my belt and still working a real day job as an account executive, this venture is an outlet to refocus from this challenging industry; especially in light of the pandemic, which is still a daily mental health impact for anyone working in healthcare.  I want to bring a spot of peace to your home through a combination of fun retail and local artisan small batch creations that are nature-based, botanical themed and all things garden related mixed with some handmade original organic offerings. We could all benefit from endorsing a more natural & serene lifestyle after the last few years. My own nest emptied during the pandemic years and now I've helped feather my chicks' new nests of their own. Best of all, I am now a BeBe to this little blessing below! So now that I have free time to spread cheer through this happy little endeavor, it is a blessing to have you here!