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Divine Balance Co.

Divine Balance Co. - Eucalyptus, Lavender & Rose Shower Bundle

Divine Balance Co. - Eucalyptus, Lavender & Rose Shower Bundle

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Eucalyptus meets soothing lavender and dried roses for a truly relaxing shower experience. When placed behind shower head, the steam will activate the healing properties of this soothing bundle. If you want to use this beautiful bundle for decoration, it does not have to go into the shower. Simply hang, and enjoy the soothing smell of lavender and eucalyptus anywhere in your home! Benefits of hanging Eucalyptus in your shower: Antistress Mental Clarity Mood Enhancer Antiviral Respiratory Health Lovely Aroma Each bundle is handmade to order and will last around 2 months. Simply place behind shower head to start reaping the benefits of these healing plants! "No wrapping" option comes with a layer of tissue paper between each bundle in the box. Hang upside down upon receiving for best results! *NOTE* THESE ARE LIVE PLANTS. Upon ordering, you are responsible for hanging upside down to maintain freshness of Eucalyptus. Bundles are shipped FRESHLY CUT.
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